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The ILRU offers a variety of workshops, courses, and presentations for different audiences and purposes.

Training & Workshops

Introductory Workshops: Indigenous Law Methodology

Our methodology workshops offer practical, hands-on introductions to our approaches for accessing, understanding, and applying Indigenous laws today. These workshops include interactive discussions regarding the major theories, debates, and challenges in the fields of Indigenous law and collaborative, community-led research. These workshops are two to three days long, depending on participants’ availability and goals.

Courses & Training

Our one-week intensive courses are opportunities to engage with Indigenous law research, methods, and practice in greater depth. These courses are generally intended for law and graduate students, researchers, community coordinators, lawyers, and professionals working in the field of Indigenous law. Our one-month summer intensive course is offered for-credit through the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Law. This intensive course adopts a critical approach to Indigenous law; explores different research methods; and asks questions regarding law, power, and societal transformation. To learn more about our Law 388A: Indigenous Law: Research, Method, and Practice course, please see the UVic Law – Indigenous Summer Intensive website.

Members of the Law Society of British Columbia may obtain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for participation in these courses. 


Our presentations offer a broad overview of Indigenous law for those who are relatively unfamiliar with the topic. The majority of our presentations are developed for professional and academic groups interested in learning more about Indigenous legal issues. Occasionally, we also offer presentations to members of the community and the general public who are interested in broadening their understanding of Indigenous laws. During our presentations, we provide opportunities for participants to engage with Indigenous legal scenarios to help them better understand the type of work we do at the ILRU.


The ILRU team came to Home in the City workshop sincerely listening, and with an open-hearted acceptance of those in the room. There was receptivity, equity and reciprocity present that made the sessions a truly collaborative experience. The concepts demonstrated during the two-day workshop were done so in an organic, paced and adaptive manner that left this participant feeling like a partner in the process. It was humbling, rewarding and deeply appreciated.

Janine Theobald

Community Partner

ILRU brought to Home in the City a way of thinking about law and governance that involves everyone. The workshops helped us to think about responding to inequity and other community issues collaboratively.

Renee Beausoleil

ILRU Affiliate


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University of Victoria, Fraser Blg

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