Secwépemc Laws 

of K̓wséltkten and Secwépemc-kt

The Indigenous Law Research Unit has been working in partnership with the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council (SNTC) and the Secwépemc Sna7a Elders Council to explore Secwépemc laws of citizenship, belonging, and governance. Having collaborated previously with the SNTC to articulate Secwépemc lands and resources law, Secwépemc Laws of K̓wséltkten and Secwépemc-kt is a second-generation project for ILRU. In conversation with the community, ILRU’s approach for this project is to draw more heavily on language (Secwepemctsín) to ground legal concepts, and to participate in more cultural activities in the community, including the seasonal Secwépemc Gatherings. The project produced a report with a synthesis of Secwépemc law, a casebook, and a glossary. This work will ground discussions about standing up Secwépemc laws in the Secwépemc Nation.

Community Partner: Shuswap Nation Tribal Council & Secwépemc Sna7a Elders Council (see SNTC website:

This project is funded by the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council, Swift Foundation, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, McConnell Foundation, Law Foundation of British Columbia, and the Real Estate Foundation BC.


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