Secwépemc-kt ell k’weselktnéws-kt (“we are all Secwépemc and we are all related”): Secwépemc Citizenship Law

Funded by the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council 

 The ILRU has been working in partnership with the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council (SNTC) and the Secwépemc Elders Council to explore Secwépemc laws of citizenship, belonging, and governance. Having collaborated previously with the SNTC to articulate Secwépemc lands and resources law, K̓wséltkten and Secwépemc-kt is a second-generation project for the ILRU. In conversation with the community, our approach for this project is to draw more heavily on language (Secwépemctsín) to ground legal concepts and participate in more cultural activities in the community, including the seasonal Secwépemc Gatherings. The final report will include a synthesis, casebook, and glossary, as well as practice materials to help readers engage with the report. The project will conclude with a final workshop addressing future applications of the research to community governance, law, and education projects.