NIȽTU,O Child and Caregiver Safety and Nurturance Toolkit

Funded by NIȽTU,O Child and Family Services Society

The NIȽTU,O Child and Family Services Society serves seven Coast Salish communities on the South Island. The NIȽTU,O approached the ILRU to develop a resource on Coast Salish child and caregiver nurturance law that can be used by social workers, educators, and families. This toolkit resource includes lessons and facilitation notes focused around oral narratives from the WSÁNEĆ, Lekwungen-speaking, and T’Sou-ke communities. As part of our collaboration, the ILRU provided in-house training for NIȽ TU,O staff. During this project, the NIȽ TU,O and the ILRU also supported ĆELÁṈENEȽ: A Field Course in the Re-emergence of W̱SÁNEĆ law, which included co-supervising two students for their community placements. The students developed and delivered three community engagement initiatives in WSÁNEĆ communities that centred on the oral narratives ȽEL¸TOS and SIATEN and SESIATEN, and they also developed lesson plans for children, youth, and adults to engage with these stories.