Indigenous Law and the Environmental Sector

Description of the Project

Sierra Club BC (SCBC) has undergone significant institutional transformation over the past few years. Environmental organizations sector-wide have increasingly recognized the myriad harms of colonialism, past and present, that are systemically embedded throughout their programs and practices. Many are now striving to work respectfully with Indigenous communities and decision-makers towards repairing the damage that has been caused. As part of these efforts, SCBC and ILRU are initiating a partnership to develop institutional capacity for respectful engagement with Indigenous laws and governance systems, with an eye to developing resources for the broader sector. The partnership began with an intensive two-day workshop with staff and stakeholders. From there, ILRU has been working alongside Sierra Club BC to develop staff capacity to better recognize and uphold Indigenous legal orders. Processes towards producing resources are being documented to share with and inform other actors across the environmental and BC non-profit sector. 


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This project is funded by MakeWay Foundation. 


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The Kokum Raven images used on this site and in ILRU publications and merchandise are used with the artist, Val Napoleon’s permission.