Indigenous Governance and Citizenship: Developing a Collaborative ILRU Methodology

Funded by the SWIFT Foundation

This grant enables the ILRU to more broadly and critically engage with Indigenous legal principles relating to governance and citizenship. In collaboration with our academic and community networks, this work involves responding to “hard questions” about decolonizing ideas, forms, and practices of Indigenous governance through law. This work investigates how historic and contemporary Indigenous institutional forms may be reconciled, and it illuminates issues regarding citizenship, gender, sexuality and equality. All of these inquires and concerns are relevant to the (re)articulation of Indigenous law and legal processes. The purpose of this work is to provide a foundation for the actual practice and application of all law, as well as scaffolding for healthy citizenries, inclusion, and accountability, conflict management, and respectful debate. The methodological frameworks produced through this project will support the ILRU’s current and future work relating to governance.