GroundWork: Revitalizing Indigenous Land Laws in Treaty 8 Territory (2019-2022)

Funded by the Real Estate Foundation of BC

This project is part of the ongoing work of revitalizing Indigenous laws in Treaty 8. The intention of this collaborative research is to articulate, adapt, and apply nations’ own laws of land governance, and to help resolve ongoing conflicts and uncertainties around land uses in Treaty 8 territories. Outcomes of the GroundWork project, which will be developed in collaboration with partner Nations, may include a written analysis, a book of narratives from the Dene, Dane-zaa, Cree, and Saulteau Oral Traditions, a graphic novel, and other resources for articulating, teaching, and implementing law.

Our community-based team and our ILRU research team created a space for community participants to connect with tohn’t onh wodihé (long ago stories), achithookiwina (traditional stories), achimowina (everyday stories), and wajich (Stories). See website.

To hear more about the project from some of our community team members, see Frequently Asked Questions.