Dënezhu Laws

Relating to Rebalancing, Inclusion, and Safety Among Humans (Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Human Rights Law)

Description of the Project

This partnership, between ILRU and Tr’ondëk Hwëchin Government, focuses on the articulation of human rights from the perspective of Dënezhu law. The research looks at the legal principles and processes that the Tr’ondëk Hwëchin use to build balanced, fair, safe, and inclusive communities. This includes responses to harms, power imbalances, and conditions of vulnerability that threaten balance, fairness, safety, and/or inclusion. This research aims to ground Tr’ondëk Hwëchin’s future governance work and law-making in Dënezhu law and values. This work will form a foundation to stand up the laws of the Tr’ondëk Hwëchin and develop curricula.

Community Partner 

Tr’ondëk Hwëchin Government (See website: https://www.trondek.ca/)


This project is funded by Tr’ondëk Hwëchin Government and the McConnell Foundation.


University of Victoria, Fraser Blg

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