Amagyigyedm Gitwaap (“Friendly Neighbours”)

Cooperation and Conflict Resolution between Nations in the Sm’algyax-Speaking Legal Traditions

Description of the Project

This project was a collaborative partnership with four member nations of the North Coast Skeena First Nation Stewardship Society (NCSFNSS) (Kitsumkalum, Kitselas, Gitxaała, and Gitga’at First Nations) to articulate how these Sm’algyax-speaking nations have addressed conflicts and cooperated in the face of common challenges for countless generations. The resulting report and casebook are tools for the nations to use and develop as they continue to manage issues of common concern.

Community Partners 

NCSFNSS (see website:, Gitxaała (website:, Gitga’at (website:, Kitsumkalum (website:, and Kitselas First Nations (


This project was funded by the Moore Foundation through the North Coast Skeena First Nation Stewardship Society, Swift Foundation and the Real Estate Foundation BC.


University of Victoria, Fraser Blg

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