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Introductory Indigenous Law Resources

Academic Resources & Publications

Selected Academic Works

  • “Indigenous Law and Legal Pluralism” (Special Edition of the McGill Law Journal). McGill Law Journal, vol. 61, no. 4, 2016.
    Explores the identification of Indigenous law, the (in)ability of Canadian state law to recognize it, and other themes. [Website with access to PDF]
  • Friedland, Hadley, Bonnie Leonard, Jessica Asch, and Kelly Mortimer. “Porcupine and Other Stories: Legal Relations in Secwépemcúlecw.” Revue Générale De Droit, vol. 48, no. 1, 2018.
    Discusses the the purpose, methods, outcomes and limits of the Secwépemc Lands and Resources Laws project produced in collaboration with the ILRU. [Website with access to PDF]
  • Napoleon, Val. “Tsilhqot’in Law of Consent.” UBC Law Review, vol. 48, no. 3, 2015.
    A critical look at the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision: Tsilqot’in v. British Columbia. [5mb PDF]
  • Napoleon, Val, and Hadley Friedland. “Indigenous Legal Traditions from Roots to Renaissance.” Pursuing Justice: An Introduction to Justice Studies, 2nd ed., edited by Margot Hurlbert, Fernwood Publishing, 2018.
    See also this version: Indigenous Legal Traditions: Roots to Renaissance
    (by Val Napoleon and Hadley Friedland)
    Explores past, present and future debates about Indigenous laws, oppression of Indigenous laws through colonization, and contemporary recovery and revitalization of Indigenous laws today. [Website with access to PDF]
  • Snyder, Emily. “Queering Indigenous Legal Studies.” Dalhousie Law Journal, vol. 38, no. 2, 2015.
    Examines sex, gender, and sexuality in relation to Indigenous laws to discuss what it means to queer Indigenous legal studies. [CanLII]

Additional Online Resources 

Curricular Pods

Materials for teaching Indigenous law in the law school classroom.

See: Curricular Pods

Reconciliation Syllabus Blog

This blog is an invitation to law professors across Canada to gather together ideas about resources and pedagogies to support recommendation #28 of the TRC Calls to Action: the call for instructors to rethink both what and how they teach.

See: Reconciliation Syllabus Blog


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