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Welcome to the ILRU blog.

This is a place for sharing stories and conversations about Indigenous Law in the world.

We hope it will be a place for nourishing our collective legal imaginaries – drawing on all the different ways that people (in their homes, in communities, on the land, in research centres, in the law schools) are engaging with Indigenous laws in the present, drawing on practices and knowledges of the past, and working towards the demands of the future.


Blog posts

New Year, New Possibilities

Image: View of Merritt and the horizon (Photo: Brooke Edmonds)   Tēnā koutou, e te ILRU Community, nau mai e te Tau Hou, (Greetings, and welcome to the new year)   The pandemic and events of the past year, including protests about police violence, defence...

Fences and Teachings – Opening up to Indigenous Laws

Nicola Lake (Photo: Diana Borges)   Reflection by Simon Owen, ILRU Senior Researcher and Lawyer   Working with Indigenous laws – especially as an outsider – often means seeing one’s own legal traditions and presumptions in a different light. This opportunity...

Teaching Law 388A in a Time of Pandemic

Image: Jessica Asch (Research Director) and Tara Williamson (Senior Researcher), your eager instructors Written by Jessica Asch and Tara Williamson    This summer, for the first time, the University of Victoria Faculty of Law contracted the ILRU to deliver the...

ILRU Summer Students’ Reflections

Image: "Researching Raven," painting by Val Napoleon   ILRU aims to support and train students, the upcoming generation of legal professionals, in the work of Indigenous law through research placements at our unit. Despite the upheaval caused by the COVID-19...

Collaboration in COVID times

Image: "Laptop," Painting by Val Napoleon   While much of the ILRU’s learning starts with paper (such as published stories, academic articles, background research), the heart of our research is the work we do with – and within – communities. By early March, 2020...

Difficult conversations

Written by Rebecca Johnson (ILRU Associate Director) and Val Napoleon (ILRU Director)   Difficult conversations. How do we have them, and have them in productive ways? This is a question that preoccupies many people who are trying to make sense of the ways that...


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