Indigenous Law Research Unit

A research unit at the University of Victoria


who we are

About ILRU

The ILRU is an academic research unit dedicated to revitalizing Indigenous laws.


What WE Do

What ILRU does

We partner with Indigenous communities seeking to re-articulate their laws to address the challenges they face today. We collaborate with communities on research projects by invitation, and we work with communities on their own terms.

We also strive to deepen engagement with Indigenous laws. We develop public educational resources to teach about Indigenous law, and we design academic curricula. We provide workshops, courses, and presentations that discuss Indigenous legal methodologies and critical issues that are inclusive of Indigenous feminisms. We train students, the upcoming generation of legal professionals, through research placements in our unit.

our vision

Vision statement

We believe Indigenous laws need to be taken seriously as laws.

We strive to create more time and space for Indigenous laws in the world.

We aspire to rebuild more respectful and symmetrical relationships across legal traditions.

our areas of strength

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collaborative research projects

We partner with Indigenous communities to research their laws.


education & curriculum

We develop academic and public legal education materials, and train students.


workshops & presentations

We facilitate workshops and presentations about Indigenous laws and research.


indigenous law resources

We provide access to resources about Indigenous law.



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The Kokum Raven images used on this site and in ILRU publications and merchandise are used with the artist, Val Napoleon's permission.